WI Air Medical Programs Contact Information

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Aspirus MedEvac    
Communications: 800-888-8056
Program Director: Bob Kirkley

Eagle III
Communications: 877-332-4533
Program Director: Tom Madigan

Flight For Life    
Communications: 800-344-1000
Program Director: Dan Burns

Medlink AIR    
Communications: (800) 527-1200
Interim Program Director: Stephanie Hill

North Memorial Air Care
Communications: (800) 247-0229
Program Director: Dan Johnson

Lifelink III    
Communications: 800-328-1377
Program Director: Edward Eroe

Mayo One    
Communications: 800-237-6822
Program Director: Lyle Groves

Ascension Ministry Spirit    
Communications: 800-320-4949
Program Director: Ted Ryan

Communications: 800-236-2066
Program Director: Kirk Vandenberg

UW MedFlight    
Communications: 800-472-0111
Program Director: Anne Rikkers